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Majestic Himalayan Mountain Breeze! Single Origin, Farmer Direct, Handcrafted, Artisan Tea.

Exceptionally flavourful with a soft silky texture. Notes of honey and wildflowers, and the rich malty aroma envelopes the senses with each sip. 

Origin: This tea is from the Bharali Tea Farm, a small landholding of 5 acres, located in the Golaghat district of Assam, in the Upper Assam tea growing region of India.

Pure, Natural, Ingredients: Organically Grown, full leaf black tea

Benefits: Black Tea (high caffeine)

Package Options: 

  • Large Bag: makes 30 to 35 cups
  • Bulk Bag: Contains 350 grams of your premium loose leaf tea, for those of you who want more of a good thing. 
  • Tea2go: Our canisters hold six large biodegradable tea bags. Take your favorite tea go with you anywhere. Convenient,portable and environmentally friendly packaged.

    For steeping Instructions please see our Tea Brewing Guidelines.