Green Teas

Enjoy our artisan-crafted Green Tea blends made locally on Vancouver Island.                                                Browse our selection of Green Tea

  • Honeybee: Liquid Gold!  A rich and flavorful cup with nuances of rare fruits, floral nectars, and honey. Our Honeybee loose leaf green tea makes a wonderful iced tea.
  • Sakura Blossom: Delicate, floral, grassy notes meet on the palate in this fragrant green tea with a smooth, fruity sweetness of ripe, juicy red cherries. Cherry Blossom Scented Ocean Breezes. 
  • Mason Mint: A unique and exotic mint green tea blend, taste of fresh citrus with cooling mints, hints of green apples, and blossoming floral notes.
  • Rose Queen:   Like walking into a rose garden! Mellow golden-green tea brew with hints of citrus and sweet grasses, subtle flavor, and aroma of roses.
  • Hummingbird Tea:  A natural green tea elixir! Great sweetened with honey. A radiant exotic blend of refreshingly tart hibiscus, sweet pineapple with an aromatic bright citrusy finish.