QB Lemonade - 4 Ways

The ‘QB Lemonade - 4 Ways’ 

Turn this popular and simple summer sipper into something extraordinary! Add one of our 4 colourful and naturally flavourful Bee Inspired – Honey Simple Syrups to your next Lemonade! The flavour combinations are endless!

Here’s 4 of our favorites to start with…. Bee creative, have some fun by coming up with a few of your own original flavour combinations.


QB Lemonade - 4 Ways RECIPE:


  • 1 fresh Lemon (cut in 2)
  • Ice cubes
  • Still and/or Sparkling Water
  • 1 oz (2Tbsp) Honey Simple Syrup (of choice)


  • Step 1:  Fill a tall glass half with Ice
  • Step 2: Cut 1 whole fresh Lemon into 2 pieces, squeeze the juice of both halves into glass, adding one half of the remaining lemon peels to the glass.
  • Step 3: Pour 1 oz (2Tbsp) of one of the following Simple Syrups into glass; Lavender Lemon, Raspberry Rose Hibiscus, Mojito Mint or Black Currant.
  • Step 4: Top glass with cold still or sparkling water. Make it extra special by adding/muddling in a favorite fruit or herb to your Lemonade. Fruits like Raspberry, Strawberry, or blueberry work well along with Herbs such as Mint, Lemon Balm, Rosemary or Lavender.

Stir – Sip – Enjoy!

For a ‘Hard’ version of the Lemonade just add in 1-2 oz Vodka.