The LONG VI Recipe

The ‘LONG VI’a Queen Bee Farms original cocktail.

Named for beautiful Vancouver Island, and inspired by our love of nature and the great outdoors here, where we live. The Long V.I. lets you enjoy the best of both worlds as you sip this delicious cocktail incorporating our Mojito Mint Honey Simple Syrup, Honeybee Tea, and for those locals some of our very own fresh cut, organically grown Mojito Mint & Lemon Balm right from QB Farms!

If you enjoy a good Mojitos or Long Island Iced tea, then you’ll really love the Long V.I. as it’s a bit of both!


To a large, tall glass add:

  • ½ oz: QBF Mojito Mint - Honey Simple Syrup
  • Add: 1/2 each, fresh squeezed Lemon & Lime (after squeezing add peels to glass)
  • Fresh cut Mojito Mint and/or Lemon Balm (muddle with syrup/tea/lemon & lime)
  • To glass – add Ice and/or Iced Tea cubes, made with steeped Honeybee Tea.
  • 1 oz white Rum
  • 1 oz Vodka
  • Top up glass with half Soda Water & half (Coke/Pepsi)

      Stir – Sip – Enjoy!