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A relaxing and refreshingly tart sunshine filled tisane. Naturally, caffiene-free and bursting with beneficial herbs. Turns a beautiful crimson colour when steeped. Makes a wonderful iced tea!

Large Bag makes 30 to 35 cups

Gift Tin makes 12 to 14 cups

For information on how to steep tea please see our Tea Brewing Guidelines.

Notes: Herbal Tea (no caffeine); Chamomile and hops are known for their calming effect and ability to treat insomnia; lemon balm promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and eases indigestion; hibiscus is high in antioxidants and can provide relief from high blood pressure; licorice root has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, and rosehips are high in Vitamin C.

100% Natural & Organically Grown Ingredients: Chomomile, Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, Lime Peel, Raspberry Leaf, Rosehips, Rose Petals, Liquorice Root, Hops, Calendula